Summary introduction:
With the gps tracker TR20, you can get the exact position of the cars. Also you can get the trajectory playback of the car and remotely control the power and door etc of the car. You can get the direction and condition (ACC on, ACC off, door-pen, door-locked etc) of the cars anytime and anywhere. When the speed or direction of the car deviates from the preset value, the tracker will send the alarming reports such the power-off alarming, over-speed report etc. What's more, you can get the mileage calculation of the cars and monitor the fuel status of the vehicles.
1. Fuel sensor (optional)
2. Intelligent report
3. Geo-fence
4. Remotely power and engine cut off
5. Direction change report
6. Built in memory
7. Built in backup battery
8. Door Lock/unlock control
9. Emergency release
10. Fixed time/distance report
11. Storage the data in no-GSM-signal place
12. SMS function
13. Temperature sensor (optional)
14. Odometer sensor (optional)
15. Microphone (optional)
16. 4 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs
Reports and functions
Over-speed report. Vehicle’s information report
Geo-fence report Export the information to Excel
Odometer report Location on Google map
Parking report Temperature report
Fuel report Door-open and door-closed report
Time report    
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